Online Courses

Online Courses

Systemic Constellations & Shamanisms

Systemic constellations in dialogue with the animistic perspective of shamanic traditions make a powerful ally in the quest for healing and awakening, highlighting the family and relational dynamics that inform our daily lives. Often times, such dynamics, so vital for a clear mind and a light heart, arise from invisible loyalties that span generations or from ties to natural settings or non-human beings.

Through systemic and shamanic explorations we will rediscover the compassionate flow at the heart of our relations. This flow releases the wise energy that leads us on the path of our destiny in harmony with the movements of the Great Soul. In this way, we may honor the spiritual core of our existence, tuning in to our rightful place as individuals and as participants in the network of wider wholes and ancestral forces.


Psychology & Nature

The unprecedented historical moment of our days, evinced in the monumental socio-ecological problems we face, constitutes a multidimensional crisis deeply rooted in the human psyche. At the same time, the recognition that the human mind is one of the chief causes of the problems we face opens a profound opportunity for personal transformation and planetary regeneration.

The course seeks to heal the relation between humans and the rest of nature through a revaluation of the role and function of our species within the global ecosystem. From the direct encounter of the human mind with its planetary source and sustenance emerges a path of self-knowledge and well-being closely linked to caring for the Earth and the viability of future generations.

DATES: MAY 11 TO JUNE 15, 2021

Work That Reconnects

In this course we will examine the foundations of The Work That Reconnects, helping us to embody a fuller, more inspired life in connection with nature, our communities, and ourselves. This with the aim of refining our vision, nourishing the mind, and pacifying the heart to reconnect with the unique role that has been given to us in this precious life.

We believe that in these times of transition it is vital to regain a basic sense of our humanity, which brings to the surface qualities such as compassion, connection, clear vision, and a celebration of community and nature. The Work That Reconnects is an excellent ally in such quest, which we have adapted for an effective online learning experience.


Non Ordinary States of Consciousness

Expanded states of consciousness have been an extraordinary ally in exploring the mind, deepening our relation to nature and the ancestors, and helping better understand our place in the cosmos. In the last decade or so, there has been a renewed interest in these non ordinary states of consciousness, especially when associated with psychedelic susbstances, and the positive effects they seem to have on mental health.

Through a review of some main concepts, combined with key practices, we will explore the phenomenology of non ordinary states of consciousness, their relevance in physical and psychological healing, and the benefits that they entail for humanity as a whole.


Ancestral Soul

In this course, we will journey through systemic and transpersonal pathways that, at each step, invite us to follow the subtle yet potent guide of soul. Systemic therapy and transpersonal psychology in dialogue with an ancestral approach reveal that the quest for what’s essential in our lives is a foundational requirement for anyone in search of health and fulfillment.

Exploring what’s essential in our lives invites a movement toward healing. This encounter with soul helps craft a better relationship with ourselves and our families, increasing a compassionate awareness of acceptance and reconciliation, so we may honor our roots and extend our wings.


Compassion Based Resilience Training (CBRT)

The only proven contemplative training that introduces participants to mindfulness, compassion, imagery, and breathwork in one complete program of stress-reduction, self-healing, and mind/body well-being. The training has been continously offered for over 20 years, teaching the science and skills for cultivating resilience, enagement, wellbeing, and purpose in our ever more interdependent world.

Developed by Dr. Joe Loizzo, director of the Nalanda Institute, CBRT is an evidence-based modular training (eight modules, one module per week), that includes a student manual and guided audio meditations to support home practice and fieldwork.


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