Psycho-spiritual Counseling

The miracle of existence is varied and complex, filled with many facets and overtones of light and dark that comprise the human experience

In certain instances—grieving, loss and mourning, existential crises, psycho-spiritual quests, life transitions—it’s of great help to seek support. The sessions oversee the self-healing processes of the consultant, as well as the ever-present wisdom that flows from within. The main schools and perspectives that inform the sessions are:


Systems and
Transpersonal Psychology

Contemplative Traditions

Animist &
Ancestral Approaches

The sessions aim to unveil the often hidden messages and allies in life that constantly invite us to embody the vibrancy and fullness of our true Self  to deepen on our own paths of awareness, beauty, compassion, and authenticity.

Family Constellations

Tap into the Big Soul to release transgenerational entanglements and align to your heart’s blooming destiny

Family Constellations offer a liberating view of the bigger patterns, hidden loyalties, and guiding energies that inform our lives. Systemic entanglements that run in our families often have a diminishing impact in how we relate with others and ourselves, keeping us bound to repetitive habits informed by the unfinished energies of the past.

Using a ritual template and a systemic lense, the hidden patterns that obstruct the flow of a more mature sense of loving belonging is made manifest in a Constellation. This caring, conscious honoring brings a deeper alignment to the bigger forces of life and assists us in moving toward the brilliant and liberated promise of our soul’s destiny.

Ancestral Lineage Healing

Deepen your relation with your ancestors in service of personal, familial, cultural, and ecological healing

Guided by the ancestral guides – those bright souls belonging to a particular biological lineage –, the sessions, rooted in an animistic approach, assist in transforming unresolved intergenerational burdens into empowering blessings of creativity, health, and fulfillment.

As we honor our roots, we are able to tap into the ancient wellness of our blood lineages and make way for a freer and more conscious expression of ourselves. In other words, the guidance of our bones, of our ancestors, grants us permission to gradually reclaim our core Self.

This ancient yet contemporary approach was developed by Daniel Foor, PhD.

Elemental Healing

A multidimensional approach aimed at unveiling our inherent radiance and restoring health, balance, and natural lightness

Drawing from shamanic wisdom and contemplative/energetic practices, the sessions are composed of two parts: cleansing and (energetic) laying-on of hands.

The first part of the session (the cleanse) is supported by a number of natural elements such as incense, stones, herbs, and the like, while the second part flows from the universal energy transmitted from practitioner to client. The multidimensional effects of such integration result in an overall sense of wellbeing sustained by the body-mind’s ability for self-restoration.

Elemental Healing sessions serve as an ally for self-discovery and transformation, often unveiling the root cause(s) of a given ailment.

Scheduling & Costs

  • Psycho-spiritual Counseling, Family Constellations, and Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions take place online via Zoom. Elemental Healing sessions are in person only.
  • Psycho-spiritual Counseling and Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions have a 60 minute duration (90 min. sessions can be arranged).
  • It’s advised–yet not required–to initially aim for three sessions for both Counseling and Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions to allow the proper integration of the work.
  • Family Constellations can last somewhere between 60 and 75 minutes (please reserve 90 minutes). It’s advised to let the field settle for at least a few weeks before inviting a new intervention.
  • For the Northern Hemisphere, the sliding scale for Psycho-spiritual Counseling and Ancestral Lineage Healing sessions is $70 to $140 USD. For people in the Southern Hemisphere, the sliding scale is $25 to $70 USD.
  • The cost of Family Constellations is $140 USD for people in the Northern Hemisphere and $60 USD for the Southern Hemisphere.

If there’s a concern or difficulty regarding rates, please send me a note.

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