My Approach

Heart of the sky, heart of the earth: May our footprints not be erased by the winds, may the path that leads us toward the dawn be of fire and light in our dreams.

Humberto Ak’abal

My work is based on the realization that we human beings are much more than we’re commonly led to believe. Like a seed containing within it the vital information needed to unfold into a vibrant tree, so too our human seedling awaits for the ripe conditions to bloom into its fullness. Glimpses into this fullness have inspired my service for alleviating suffering, while championing an integrative framework to better honor the human condition.

Three interconnected areas are in need of tending if we are to sink our roots into fertile soil and extend our branches to reach the sky: our human and ancestral dimension, the Earth and wild nature, and the Great Mystery. The ancestors and a mature sense of self, the wisdom and guidance of the natural world, and the healing presence of the Mystery that sustains it all serve as a potent trinity that offers unparalleled support and guidance.

This trinity — human, Earth, Spirit — serves as a source and roadmap that leads into our fullness. So the question becomes, how do we develop a kinder, more wholesome relation with ourselves and our loved ones, reconnect to nature’s wisdom, and learn to let go into the healing Mystery at the heart of things?

How do we call forth the most genuine and wakeful dimension of who we are?

Anchored in the heart, my approach is inclusive, honest, and compassionate, aiming at balancing personal needs and the actualization of our often hidden potentials that lead to our flourishing and fulfillment. A life guided by meaning and purpose, beauty and kindness, can be crafted moment to moment as we traverse the many stages of our journey here on Earth.

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